Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Connect African Development Forum on the Blog

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
So, one of the features on this Blog, which we believe will become most exciting, is the Forum. To visit the Forum page, hover your mouse to the top of the Home page and click on the CAD Forum page assignment. This will take you to a static page on the Blog that has been assigned to house the CAD Forum platform.

How to Use the Forum

This Platform is quite easy to use...that is why we chose the Nabble Service that is powering it. To begin interacting on this Forum, hover to the top right of the Forum page and click on Register. User is required to Register if they are expecting to interact with other users by posting and replying to topics. The registration process is easy and fast.

When the registration is complete, you are set. You can now engage in discussion.

Engaging in Discussion

So you are registered and are ready to begin. You will be pleased to know that your friends and colleagues
in the world's popular social engines will not loose track of your exciting activities on the  Forum. The Forum also provides buttons for you to share the exiting information you read and or post on the Forum.

To post a discussion, we have erected a Structure which we are hoping will be relevant and easy to use. We have five Forum Categories that you can use and these are;
  1. Civil Society Organizations/ Non Governmental Organizations
  2. Regional and International Organization
  3. Events, Gatherings, Meetings etc
  4. Share your Programmes/ Projects with the continent
  5. News, Consultations and Reviews
The idea here is that your post should perhaps fall under the following thematic areas. Click on the category most relevant to your expected post and once you are inside, your control panel for posts is on the far right. The Link areas to use here are: Reply, Threaded and More. Once you click on reply, you will have a formatting dashboard where you can begin editing your post. At the top of this dashboard, you can choose to keep the Subject as is suggested or since you are starting a particular topic, you can change it to what you please. The post is written, ready...now you post at the bottom where it says "Post Message". Be sure to preview your message before you send it to be sure everything is in order.

If none of these categories suit the topic you want to start and you have an idea for another Category that will also be useful, please email us on: info.codetz@gmail.com. We are holding back on putting a category on the Forum page to collect these ideas until we generate reaction on this.

We hope this was a useful update. We look forward to hearing from you where there are ideas to build on. We also look forward to reading your posts on the Connect African Development Forum.


Editorial Team.
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