Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Connect African Development; A Blog with a difference.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Greetings and welcome to Connect African Development. We hope your visit now and again will be that of a difference in both your work and in the people you reach and interact with as you spend your time here.

Blogs have been a source of alternative information in our view for close to a decade now, putting the power in the hands of normal individuals such as you and me to make a difference in our communities and the world. They have now grown to develop multifaceted faces, and some are making a difference in ensuring access to important information and giving those otherwise without, a voice.

Connect African Development is envisioned to continue such a role, by providing a platform where development actors from all walks of life on the continent can access information, connect with other actors by also sharing, publicizing their work, connecting and engaging in dialog with other actors.

CAD Forum

This is a Blog with a difference. Not only will you be able to read interesting articles and information on different organizations across the continent and their work - you are also offered a Forum to populate with deliberations. The design of the forum is such that actors, development organizations, researches and others can  all meet to start dialogue, run consultations, conduct surveys, share findings, publicize activities and events and much more. There is no limit. Choose from 5 Sub Forum Areas of discussion and begin your topic today.

CAD Blog on Facebook

On our main page, you will also find a link box to our Facebook Fan page where we continue to connect to more people across Africa and the world. Join us here too and make the experience a unique one.

Subscribe with us through RSS Feed

We understand that time is in most cases precious, so when you are unable to visit us, rest easy that you can continue reading the exciting information being generated on the Blog from the comfort of your Email Address. Just follow three simple steps on the right top side of the Home Page (a) enter your email address, (b) confirm with the following steps and (c) confirm your subscription through the email sent to your address) and you are set. In addition, you can also become one of our Followers with Google Connect.

Find everything in one place!

On the left side, you can search our Blog for general information and you can also search for information based on Regions of the continent, countries and subject matter. You can also see who our regular commentators and authors are and the things they love to read on the Blog. You can also access the full Archives of the Blog on the right side.

Search for Jobs in Africa

We strive to provide as much useful information and connections as possible, which is why we have also provided a Search Engine for Jobs across Africa at the bottom of our Blog, together with running a General Jobs Feed. It may not be for everyone, but we hope those opportunities for career enhancement can be of use and utilized in some way. We have also and will continue to generate a list of important links to Websites , Blogs and Documents of interest. You can also find this at the footer of the Blog.

We thank you for choosing to visit us and we hope you will visit us again. Lets Connect today and join our common destiny.


Editorial Team.
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