Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Health Policy Project (USAID Funded) Seeking Letters of Interest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
This is an opportunity for our brothers and sisters from Local or Regional African Institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. We encourage you to seek partnership with other institutions, local and national governments for this. If you are not eligible or unable to utilize this opportunity, we urge you to encourage others who are to apply.


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The USAID-funded Health Policy Project (HPP) is soliciting LOIs from African institutions interested in working in partnership to implement a multi-year capacity development initiative to strengthen the role of women in promoting family planning and reproductive health as a national and international priority. Organizations working collaboratively may submit joint LOIs for consideration.

The Women Leaders in FP/RH Initiative seeks to develop women FP/RH policy champions from public, civil society and the private sector through formal training, mentorship/coaching and technical support in areas including leadership, FP/RH best practices, cross-cutting factors such as socioeconomic equity and gender, and communication and advocacy.

HPP will implement the initiative in partnership with the selected institution(s) over a three-year period with the goal of fully transitioning the activity to and institutionalizing the activity within the partner organization(s). 
Year 1: HPP will engage its partner in the design, implementation and evaluation of the first Women Leaders in FP/RH Workshop (February 2012) and the yearlong mentoring program that follows the workshop. The partner will work closely with HPP staff to understand the curriculum, the small grants program and the mentoring program.

Year 2: HPP and partner staff will jointly review Year 1 evaluations, assess the progress of country grants started in Year 1, and revise or design new workshop curricula. The partner organization will take the lead in organizing and conducting the second Women Leaders in FP/RH Workshop and mentoring program, and HPP will provide technical guidance on training methodologies, curricula design, training and facilitation skills, and capacity development M&E.

Year 3: The partner organization will assume the lead for planning and implementation of the workshop, mentoring program and follow-up evaluation; provision of technical support for action plans; monitoring small grants (if applicable); and identification of opportunities for workshop graduates to speak at global, regional, or national policy events. HPP will monitor and advise as needed. HPP will conduct a follow-up capacity assessment of the partner institution.

LOI applications must describe how the organization(s) meet the following criteria in order to be considered for this partnership opportunity.
  1. Proven capacity and commitment to sustain the initiative beyond current HPP funding, 
  2. Demonstrated reach in terms of other countries in the region or in Africa more generally, 
  3. Locally/regionally recognized as a capacity building organization for RH professionals,
  4. Experience and expertise in delivering and evaluating participatory training and capacity building interventions,
  5. Expertise in some or all of the following areas: policy advocacy and communications; internal FP/RH leadership competencies/access to FP/RH expertise; etc,
  6. A diverse funding base (fee-for-service, non-USAID donors) and partnerships,
  7. Ability to contribute financially or in-kind to support implementation of the initiative in years 1 and 2.
Please email a 2-Page LETTER OF INTEREST addressing each of the aforementioned criteria in the order listed to:

Please do not exceed the page limit or send additional documents or materials. Finalists may be asked to provide additional documentation. The Deadline: November 14, 2011.

Editorial Team.

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