Monday, October 17, 2011

The Network of African Youths for Development; networking the African youth potential.

Monday, October 17, 2011
What is NAYD?

Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) is an emerging regional nonprofit youth platform in Africa initiated by young professional volunteers from all over Africa aiming at promoting youth empowerment, leadership, mainstreaming youth policies and the Millennium Development Goals among others. Established in 2006, NAYD is working to enable youth focused and youth led organizations to network in the field of development and work together to achieve common goals. Currently, NAYD is connecting hundreds of youth-led projects and organizations across Africa through its headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Quite obvious, NAYD operates in a situation whereby intermingled difficulties and resource shortages exist within countries, with millions of marginalized youth and diverse challenges that remain unaddressed. Thus, the network endeavors to be clear in its direction and operations, more than anything else, to ensure institutional sustainability. 

Our Vision and Mission Statements

NAYD envisions seeing Africa as the safest and developed continent whereby human rights is promoted and the basic rights of youth are highly respected regardless of their age, sex or race. 

SOPDDO, Somalia
Our Mission Statement is to work as a regional platform of youth organizations in Africa which represents and advocates for the basic rights and interests of all young people in the region through creating opportunities in a systematic and research based policy advocacy, enhancing the capacity of its members to enable them to be change agents, forging strategic partnership and networking, promoting knowledge and information sharing, actively engaged in policy monitoring, and mobilizing youths for their active and meaningful participation. 

Strategic Focus

Moving the Planet, Cameroon
In working towards delivering its vision and mission, NAYD strategic focus is on the following areas; 
  1. Information and knowledge sharing, 
  2. Enhancing Institutional Capacity of the youth platforms in Africa, 
  3. Recognition and mobilization, 
  4. Promoting experiences and efforts of young Africans, 
  5. Facilitating strategic partnership, open dialogue and the creation of a strong functional relationships, 
  6. Reinforcing regional lobbying and advocacy on mainstreaming youth policies, 
  7. Promoting Enabling Policy Environments for Youth Participation in Decision making, 
  8. Promoting Dialogue and Intercultural peace. 

How NAYD Works

YONECO, TB Awarenessm, Malawi
NAYD works with associations and groups of youths across the African continent and beyond. It aims to educate, inform and inspire young people to use their power, privilege, skills and abilities to create a better world for current and future generations. 

NAYD’s membership is growing. It has now has 1000 member youth organizations across Africa with a presence in 40 African countries. Through using social media, such as Facebook, it is connecting young people to share lessons and to start developing joint projects, though regular information and experience sharing. 

More recently, NAYD was invited by the African Union Commission to speak at meeting of the African Ministers of Labour in Cameroon (2010). NAYD has also been working jointly with likeminded organizations line the African Monitor to advance youth development issues in Africa. 

NAYD is at the forefront of youth action in Africa. Its members form the largest network of youth organizations on the continent. We have worked with the African Union on subject of ‘Accelerating youth empowerment for sustainable development at the 17th Ordinary General Assembly in July 2011. In partnership with the African Monitor, a South Africa based organization, we will continue to closely monitor and follow up on the implementation of the Decade on Youth Development Action Plan developed by the African Union in 2009. 

Young people and their organizations face many challenges. Although more recently there has been an increased recognition of the importance of investing in young people, governments throughout Africa have not been attentive to the complex issues faced by young people today. Youth led organizations continue to be poorly funded, hampering the work that they do and the impact that they can have. It is through networks that young people can work closer together in a more organized and systematic way. Youth networks provide an opportunity to advocate and promote youth issues and youth solutions. 

For more information, visit the Network for African Youths for Development.

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