Friday, October 21, 2011

We are 1 Week Old; Our Core Strategy for 2011 - Lets Connect!

Friday, October 21, 2011
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It is now 1 week since we launched Connect African Development. We have received remarkable reception from the masses. At 1 week, we have had more than 1000 hits. We have also had excellent contributions from great young minds on the continent. We also received great feedback on some of the features and content. We appreciate everything and thank you for your support. This is as much a platform we are coordinating as it is yours to populate and utilize. We welcome you for further encounters and experiences in Connecting our efforts  for a better African continent.

Our Core Strategy 2011

We stated in an earlier post that whilst we will take on broad issues in the development sector on the continent, our focus for the remainder of 2011 was going to be on Youth Development. Whilst the platform is led by dynamic and inspired young people, our choice to focus on this theme was guided by the importance of this theme in 2011 that it was by our age. As we have mentioned, August 2010 to 2011 was the International Year of Youth and together with all the global activities implemented in this period, Africa also took considerable steps to examine the state of youth development on the continent. 

From this examination we saw many things; Africa's Position on Youth Development, important youth gatherings such as the African Youth Forum, a momentous agreement from the African Heads of States Summit and renewed support and calls for the implementation of the African Youth Policy Framework (African Youth Charter, Decade on African Youth Development and its subsequent action plan).

Thus our choice of focus will go on to examine, 90% of the time, the State of Africa's Youth Policy Framework. And in future, we will take a similar approach to examine different issues and this process will be referred to as our "Project" at the time.

What can you expect from this project?
As aforementioned, the project will go on to examine the State of Africa's Youth Policy Framework. By this, we mean all the guiding principles, the strategies, plans in place and information guiding the implementation of these plans. Specifically, we will go back to take a brief look at the African Youth Charter as Africa's overarching Policy on Youth. We will then go on to examine the thinking behind the Decade on African Youth Development and what states should be taking from the strategy. We will then go on to decipher what specific actions will entail the implementation of the Decade by looking at the Decade Action Plan.

Whilst we are taking steps to examine these issues, we have also assigned a group of young professionals to draw up brief youth policy updates from specific countries in the 5 regions of the continent, which they will also use to paint for us a country and regional picture. We hope you can then use these to take up the thinking we are offering and check on the progress of your country in the development and effective coordination of an inclusive and comprehensive youth policy environment.

What we hope to get out of this project

In one of the articles we published, we looked at the issue of youth policy coordination where we recommended for there to be a Youth Policy Index. Whilst examining matters behind this recommendation, we noted that there are no particular best practices we can cite from the continent on youth policy implementation (both on substance and structure). Often competing interests rendered young people's interests were rendered obsolete. We hope the focus created by this project will reveal information leading to the identification of or towards having best practices on youth policy implementation.

Other issues we will be covering

We will also be covering the commemoration of the Africa Youth Day on 1st November 2011. One of our team members will be in Addis Ababa Ethiopia during the African Youth Festival and will be bringing us updates from there. We will also be covering stories on the commemoration of the World AIDS Day, and in particular, the ICASA 2011 proceedings (mostly from a youth perspective). Further to this, we will continue featuring organizations, projects and other interesting events and gatherings from all over the continent, including the Family Planning Summit in Senegal. What we should note is that we will not just be bringing you the proceedings from some of these gatherings, but the issues behind some of the themes they are discussing. We wont be a conference information tube, but a platform to discuss, showcase and highlight issues behind the thematic areas of discussion.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested to be part of this project, seriously interested, then please get in-touch with us. We would love to feature as much country level youth policy environment analysis as possible. We would also love to hear what some of the issues and gatherings we will be covering mean to your country; for instance the Africa Youth Day.

You can contact us through our CONTACT US Page or send us an email through We will be happy to identify a role for you together and continue to inform and connect the Continent.

To ensure you do not miss any part of this project and follow all the information, we encourage you to SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. It is quite simple, CLICK HERE.

Editorial Team.
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