Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are now LIVE; Lets CONNECT!

Saturday, October 15, 2011
The CAD Blog is now Live. We thank you for the encouragement and support in getting here.

We begin with a recognition of the work done in implementing the programme around the International Year of Youth, August 2010 to 2011. All across the World, youth development was on the agenda and Africa was equal to the task. Two continental Youth Forums were held, three Heads of States Summit's were also held with a focus on young people where on one occasion, a momentous agreement was passed in support of the African Youth Charter and the Decade on Youth Plan.

As we take flight, we are dedicating the rest of 2011 to focus on Youth Development in Africa. We will be taking stock of the actions and outcomes of the International Year of Youth processes in Africa, the implementation of the recent agreements and programmes, and publish articles and information on youth led organizations and programmes, projects and activities on the ground.

We believe development efforts across the continent, especially on youth development, have a common purpose. We are here to Connect that Purpose.

We have a lot of tools on the Blog...Click Here to find out more of what they are and how you can use them.
To read the launch Press Release, CLICK HERE.

For now we welcome you to read through, Subscribe and visit us again.


Robert Kasenene,
Editorial Team.
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  1. welcome on board, we hope you will have wonderful experience and bring positive revolution in information technology. we value any efforts to bridge digital gap among african community so glad to have ur platform on board.

  2. We thank you Dotto Athumani. Please keep circulating the word about us and we welcome your contribution anytime.


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