Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is CrowdOutAIDS? What will we be doing?

Thursday, November 10, 2011
So we are joining this train a little after the journey started, but we are happy non the less. It is important to be sure what contribution you will be making before you commit to and or take part in anything. 


We are currently working on a research exercise to highlight EXPERIENCES, CHALLENGES AND NEW PRACTICES in HIV Prevention efforts among young people in the build up to ICASA 2011. We are using an online survey form to collect information. We will also be leading a session during ICASA 2011, together with carrying out a focus group discussion to gather more information. The information we gather will be used to write a report about what New Experiences, Challenges and Approaches are worth noting in efforts to mitigate the AIDS pandemic among young people. 

Now we feel CrowdOutAIDS is one example we will be highlighting in this exercise. In the exercise, we are also asking whether there are any "social media approaches" to HIV prevention targeting young people. CrowdOutAIDS is a perfect example with attributes worth noting. Not only are young people being engaged to dictate solutions; they are also being given an opportunity to determine major policy for an important international HIV/AIDS program, UNAIDS. 

UNAIDS says on the CrowdOutAIDS website that "the 'resulting' youth strategy may also become an advocacy platform in UNAIDS’ work with partners." We hope this is not just another publicity attempt to be seen engaging young people. We hope the strategy "will" shape the "advocacy platform" and not "may"...words speak volumes for program action. 
What the CrowdOutAIDS project hopes to achieve is develop a new strategy on youth for UNAIDS, developed by youth. The unique aspect of this project is in its title and expected actions. It is actually engaging/ consulting/ soliciting ideas from the Crowd of Young People across the world. In our view, this is the first. We have seen online youth consultations on different processes, but not a major policy initiative such as this. And one that is connected to translating the targets of the High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS, which took place in June 2011 at the United Nations.

How can Young People in Africa Participate?

Africa is fast becoming the most connected continent today with mobile phones. Young people should thus use their presence on social media platforms and the time they have on the internet to make a contribution to this project. Visit the CrowdOutAIDS Website for more information. You will also see a link to the "Africa Open Forum in English" and the "Africa Open Forum in French"where you can make sure your voice and ideas are heard.

What will CAD Blog be doing?

We have received communication from the CrowdOutAIDS Blog Editor welcoming us to contribute articles. We look forward to making the contribution and hope to also share the pieces we produce here. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FEED to ensure you do not miss the content produced.

We are inspired by the shift UNAIDS and commend you for this commitment to engage young people first hand in shaping such important policy.

Editorial Team.
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  1. Thanks for this post!! :-)Excited to have you on board!

  2. We are most excited to be joining the dialogue.

  3. Lovely concept, I am happy to be part of this network that seeks to engender proactive discussion on the reduction of HIV and AIDS infection through the use of new media. I sincerely hope with you that this initiative will further shape the advocacy effort toward stemming the tide of the disease. The entry of the new media is laudable, but how far will it help to make our world a better place lies so much in the hands of the youth..
    Adeola Ogunlade, journalist, The Nation newspaper, South West, Nigeria and Project Director, Youth Advocate For Change- A community youth development initiatives base in Akute, Ogun State, South West, Nigeria.


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