Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Message from the Team - Become a Volunteer for CrowdOutAIDS!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Here is a message from the CrowdOutAIDS Team. We commend them for all the work they are doing. Please read below for action.

Dear activists,

CrowdOutAIDS is the first time the UN collaboratively develops an actionable strategy on HIV and young people using online technologies, and youth organized meet-ups around the world. The aim of the UNAIDS Secretariat New Generation Leadership Strategy 2012-2015 is to define and integrate meaningful youth participation and leadership into the UNAIDS Secretariat’s work and methods, and stimulate increased HIV awareness to mobilize young people in the response.

Not all young people have access to the internet, particularly in some countries and communities where new HIV infections are high. To ensure that the strategy captures the diverse needs and challenges faced by young people in the AIDS response today, over a 200 volunteers will host CrowdOutAIDS Open Forums around the world, as you can see on the CrowdMap. We have been amazed by the reports, video’s and pictures people have submitted so far.

As youth delegates at ICASA, we encourage you to host an offline Open Forum in your communities after the conference – as way to continue the dialogue and discussion once the meeting has concluded. This is how to do it: 

How to host a CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum?
  • Pick a date and venue for your Open Forum
  • Register your Open Forum here on, for your Open Forum to show on the interactive CrowdMap
  • Download the info-pack in your language, including a ‘how to’ guide, a discussion guide and a reporting template.
  • Share the idea of the Open Forums with friends, colleagues and other young people, and invite them to join.
When should I hold the Open Forum?
  • Please plan your Open Forum so you can report back to no later than December 14, to make sure the output of your Open Forum is incorporated into the strategy.
What happens with the report from my Open Forum?
  • Your report from the CrowdOutAIDS Open Forum will be posted online and feed into the strategy development, just like the CrowdOutAIDS online Open Forums.
  • Based on the output from Online and Offline Open Forums, an elected online drafting committee of young people will draft the strategy via a wiki-like platform. Find out more here.
  • You will receive a letter of recognition from UNAIDS for dedicating your time and effort to CrowdOutAIDS.
It would be great if you could volunteer to host a CrowdOutAIDS offline Open Forum—this is a unique process for in the United Nations; let’s set the gold standard together for the UN’s work to include young people in policy development!

We hope to have you on board!

Best regards,

The CrowdOutAIDS Team.

Editorial Team.
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