Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take Part in a PRSP Essay Competition by SAYM/ AfriYAN and Win a State of the Art Smartphone.

Saturday, December 10, 2011
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Direct citizen consultation and participation in policymaking processes, such as formulating a national poverty reduction strategy, entails considerable extra effort and cost on the part of civil servants. Do governments think it is worth the effort? 

From this point of view, this strategy paper is not simply another Government planning document, but rather it is a real expression of deeply held concerns and visions of the nation, particularly of those who are so often on the margins of society.” (Lesotho 2006: 1). 

The Southern Africa Youth Movement, serving as the Secretariat for African Youth Network on Population and Development (AfriYAN) in Eastern and Southern Africa, is seeking to award enthusiastic African young people (writers, journalists and other youth), who want to demonstrate their abilities by examining these issues. 

Summary of the Competition

The Essay should look at up-to-date analysis of the extent to which young people have been consulted in the formulation of PRSPs. And also present evidence of whether young people are identified in PRSPs as a group in poverty, and the coverage of youth issues in the PRSP action plans. A discussion on the barriers to the participation of young people, some best practice examples where young people were involved in political structures and policymaking and where the efforts were successful; and recommendations for government on how to involve young people better in their governance structures and processes. 

What do we mean by PRSPs?

WTO defines PRSPs as the A PRSP contains an assessment of poverty and describes the macroeconomic, structural, and social policies and programs that a country will pursue over several years to promote growth and reduce poverty, as well as external financing needs and the associated sources of financing. They are prepared by governments in low-income countries through a participatory process involving domestic stakeholders and external development partners, including the IMF and the World Bank

For more information and the submission details, please send your request to: or The deadline is 16th December, 2011.

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