Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The African Young Positive’s Network (AY+N) Launched; What is it?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Participants attending the AY+ Network Launch during
ICASA 2011; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The Africa Young Positives Network has just been launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as part of the 2011 ICASA Program. The side event was attended by people from diverse backgrounds with an interest in HIV/AIDS. Hosted by Vanessa Mdee (MTV Networks Africa), a panel of 5 people was convened. Participants were also given an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and finally participate in the launching of the network.

The Africa Young Positives Network was formed to provide a platform for young people living with HIV/AIDS to actively and substantively participate in policy, programme and decisions that affect them. The network provides opportunities for young people living with HIV in Africa to engage, dialogue, advocate and share their views and opinions about YPLHIV. It also looks at their involvement and participation as critical actors, and also to increase the participation of YPLHIV in country HIV response interventions by ensuring their meaningful representation in the national HIV and Health policy formulation. 

The Objectives of the Network include; 
  1. Mobilize, develop, identify and work with existing, Africa YPLHIV networks capacity to participate effectively in national, regional and international national HIV responses in support of the UNAIDS Zero Strategy Plan. We hope to achieve this through in country networks and where there is non-inexistence, we will use social networking site like facebook, twitter, GYCA website, listerve etc, 
  2. Advocate to ensure that country national HIV and health policies entails the GIPA and MIPA principles, and also how YPLHIV are engaging with the NAC’s and propose some mechanism programme that support young people in general, 
  3. Support and promote Africa YPLHIV to become agents of change with provision of strategic information and evidence to influence a prevention revolution and also mobilize young people for HCT uptake and encourage positive living including treatment and prevention of TB, 
  4. Support YPLHIV in National HIV/AIDS country ownership response and provide leadership for sustainable responses that are integral to and integrated with national health and development efforts, through, 
             - Partnership building and networking, 
             - Skills building in the areas of leadership, governance, management, mobilization, policy review and interpretation, (c.) Increased participation. 

For more information on the Network and the program of action, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. dans les pays precitez le niger n'y figure pas alors qu'elle compte plus de 70000 cas

  2. thank you. for those who do not speak French, here is the translation to the comment above:

    In these countries the Niger is not there when she has more than 70,000 cases


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