Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Review of 2011 >>> Whats the Plan for 2012?

Sunday, January 15, 2012
We had an excellent time setting up and beginning the journey that is CAD Blog. 2011 was rewarding in many respects for us and the first which we must mention is the 5,000+ hits we received on the Blog in the space of less than 3 months. At the close of 2011, we had received up to 5,035 hits. We thank you for your continued interest and hope you will continue engaging with us. We also hope to continue delivering on your expectations...well, at least try.

The theme we covered for the time we were operational in 2011 was YOUTH. We shared many stories, profiles of different youth organizations on the continent, articles from different contributors, news from diverse organizations, information from different gatherings and much more. What we set out to do was provoke discussion, the need for solutions and the need to CONNECT and SHARE.

We did the best we could. The challenge as always is in taking the first step. We have encountered different degrees of interest in what we are doing. We called for participation, offered a platform and made it virtually as easy as 1,2,3 to engage through CAD Blog. There is still a reluctance among many. We would have rather seen even greater numbers utilizing the information and discussions we were sharing. We would have appreciated being challenged to become even better, because without information, without learning from one another and without recognizing the efforts and challenges seen on the ground; changing the prospects of the continent will be that little bit harder to do.

What is the Plan for 2012

We will be doing three key things in 2012. Anything else will be to further improve access, levels of engagement and outlook.

  1. Focus on Specific Themes each Quarter; every 3 months, we will have specific theme to focus on. Call it our Indepth Subject. For January to March 2012, we will be focusing on HEALTH. African Ministers of Finance will be having a meeting in March. We want to engage a discussion throughout this time that can be used to also send a message to that gathering. And even with the advancements in health and the wonderful policy instruments the health sector has seen on the continent, the challenges in delivering universal access on the continent are immense. 
  2. Overhauling the CAD Blog; we will be reshaping the Blog before May 2012 to bring a new outlook, enable faster loading and begin moving towards a permanent domain home. We will look to you for inspiration as we conduct that process.
  3. Increase visibility of Individual and Institutional Actors; we want to showcase and profile more actors in 2012. We will increase our calls to contribute to CAD Blog, but also make it even easier to do so. We will share those platforms before the close of January 2012. We want the individuals, community and national organizations that are leading efforts to change communities, prospects of people and the continent as a whole to share with us what their experiences have been. We want to recognize their commitment. CAD is the place to do so.
We will also open up the CAD Forum Page and begin undertaking discussions. The Forum Page and CAD Blog as a whole are free and easy to use tools ad the comparative advantage we offer is how we have been able to intergrate different social networking platforms to work as one with CAD Blog.

Thank you and as always, Let's Connect our Common Purpose at CAD Blog.

Editorial Team. 
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