Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How can the CrowdOutAIDS Strategy recommendations be used?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Part 2: How can it be used?

This is a second part to an article we posted a few days back, "The CrowdOutAIDS Strategy is now out; What do you need to know?" The reaction has been good. There seems to be a genuine interest to understand how useful the CrowdOutAIDS Strategy recommendations can be and how the document can be used. We have 3 key points on this;
  1. Engage Local UNAIDS Office; we have seen that these recommendations will go on to help UNAIDS in developing its policy on young people. Before the policy is developed, UNAIDS will implement an internal organizational assessment on HIV/AIDS and young people. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for the organizations and groups working with UNAIDS to champion these recommendations in the document. If you contributed to the document individually and or organized a Offline event, then you have more than enough an impetus to ensure the recommendations go through. Initiate contact and see how you can further make a case for the recommendations,
  2. Engage in local action to implement the 2011 UNGASS HIV/AIDS Political Declaration provisions; in June 2011, this declaration was adopted and set forth a challenging set of targets on HIV/AIDS for 2015. As this is a declaration made by Heads of States, it is them who will be first held to account on the set targets. We encourage you to engage with your country's machinery in combating HIV/AIDS; engage your local AIDS commission to establish linkages with national HIV/AIDS strategy and or policy. Where they are non existent, ensure the ideas in the recommendations also inform their development,
  3. Engage Government to push for coordination of youth programming; if anything, coordination among core government ministries or agencies with a mandate on young people is lacking in many countries. The ideals the CrowdOutAIDS recommendations are calling for demands for all appropriate levels to work together in promoting youth leadership in the fight against HIV and AIDS. 
But most critical, we think the document can also be useful in the work we are doing in our groups, networks and organizations. Many of us are lacking in the language, programmatic focus and relevant data as far as HIV and AIDS are concerned. We work along the same lines, recycling messages and program concept. But with these recommendations, we can add greater purpose to our programs. We already know that young people are key in turning the tide against HIV/AIDS - these recommendations provide the direction if not the basis to do so.

What are your ideas? How can or will the CrowdOutAIDS strategy recommendations be useful in your work? Share them with us via and we will publish your ideas right here.

Editorial Team.
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