Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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See Africa Differently - an exciting campaign!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Our friends at IZWI have  new campaign titled "See Africa Differently". We were captivated and would like to share information on the campaign below.


It is a sad reality that Africa is misunderstood not only by foreigners but by its own people. Africa´s diversity and rich culture has so many sides to be explored and seen before being judged or defined. Its rivers seek to be heard , the mountains ask to be explored, the sand whispers for you to tred with care , yes Africa is waiting to be seen first to turn around in its splendor and receive the fair credit for its riches. But above all its people, the culture, the values and its history is yet to be revealed in their true flamboyant rays to not only the world but to be shared among its inhabitants to understand it and therefore each other.

We are not saying lets speak glory of Africa, but IZWI is here to give a voice to Africa for its people to listen.

To tell it as it is: no additions to its known poverty , no subtractions to its glorified beauty , no multiplications to its war history and no divisions of its tribal groups. To Shout it out to its people as it is. IZWI is here to start and challenge its people to see the status quo of their nation as it is. To begin a generation that connects and is culturally intelligent about the richness of its continent and the diverse culture of its people. 

We introduce to you "Ahoy Africa: see Africa differently"


IZWI folks who just bought a new pairs of glasses.


Editorial Team.

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