Monday, August 06, 2012

AAPDEP to hold 3rd Annual Conference promoting African-led Development

Monday, August 06, 2012
Our friends at the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) will be holding their 3rd Annual Conference in the months to come. We are excited for and commend the excellent work their are doing. Find more information below on how you can participate.


Rarely is the question of development in the African world discussed within the context of African people ourselves coming together to develop initiatives that address our material conditions. More often than not we hear of large global campaigns that include a conglomerate of national leaders with a mix of million dollar NGOs and world banking institutions. 

Millions of dollars are spent for government officials and development “specialists” to participate in conferences for a few days talking about ways that, “developing” and “underdeveloped”, countries can contribute to the world economy. 

Sometimes they do a good job making statements like “12% GDP” or “5% emissions tax” sound like it could play a large part in eliminating poverty, hunger and healthcare gaps within effected countries. What happens, however, is the same thing that happens in previous conferences. Usually there is a stalemate on decisions that could really make a difference, and people leave feeling frustrated by the entire process. 

Many African communities suffer as a result, never having an opportunity to weigh in on policies that mean, for example, the difference between getting basic equipment for local farming initiatives or investment in corporate agribusiness ventures that increase food production for export, continuing a cycle that leaves local populations vulnerable to food shortages and famine. 

This is one of the dilemmas that provided a basis for the creation of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). 

Since 2007, AAPDEP has worked tirelessly to lead on the question of African development. Not only have we developed a number of dynamic community-based self-reliance projects in Africa and African communities in the US, but we have consistently challenged the current charity and corporate “development” models for Africa, exposing them as bankrupt strategies, completely incapable of overturning the conditions of existence that have been imposed on Africa and African communities around the world. 

In our 5 years of existence, we have worked with individuals and communities from California to Sierra Leone to show what it means when we identify what our issues are and implement solutions that solve them. 

We recognize that in our communities many of us are engaged in problem solving projects; however we often find ourselves isolated in the work. Essentially, this limits our ability to develop strategies that could be standardized and shared for the benefit of other communities in need. This is why it is significant for us to hold a national conference that puts real African-led development on the agenda. It is only when we connect with each other that we can usher in a new reality for African people. 

Our 3rd annual conference, with the theme of “Empowering African Communities through African-led Development” is scheduled for Oct 13-14thin South East Washington DC. This conference is for those of us who have sat on the sidelines shaking our heads in frustration and disbelief at the game being played at African people’s expense. This conference is also for those who have been working to address the conditions of existence of our people, but who have been doing so in relative isolation, disconnected from the global African community.

It is now time for us to become part of the process of developing real solutions. 

Some of the objectives of this conference are:

  • To gather Africans who have interest in or are engaged in the work of and achieving self-reliance,
  • To build and expand our capacity in the U.S. by engaging with folks interested in building AAPDEP branches,
  • To provide details of AAPDEP’s Winter 2013 work project in Sierra Leone, West Africa,
  • To connect with our world-wide membership, which consists of Africans from North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa,
  • To facilitate a holistic approach that allows the rest of the African world to engage in practical work that really sets about solving the contradictions experienced by local communities.
It is with these goals that we anticipate our 3rd annual conference will prepare all those who attend to identify where their skills and resources can immediately be focused. 

Who should come to this conference?

This conference is for local activists, those interested in sharing and creating solutions for the betterment of African communities around the world, students, engineers, health care professionals, scientists, urban gardeners, farmers, videographers, bloggers, programmers, green consultants, agriculturalists, technology and computer scientists, educators and most of all our AAPDEP members.

Editorial Team.
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