Friday, February 08, 2013

AFRICANCROWD Partners with PAYPAL; Funding a Dream has never been easier.

Friday, February 08, 2013
Abdi Omar Ismail, AfricaCrowd CEO
Have you heard of crowdsourcing or crowdfunding? They are relatively new terms used and respective tools and applications for the development arena have shown results worth replication. In recent years we have seen programmes such as the UNAIDS CrowdOutAIDS project, which harnessed the power of the global masses to collect ideas for the UN HIV/AIDS Programs' Strategy on young people. And with the likes of Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe, the concept of crowdfunding has well taken root in this internet age.

But many of these programs or services are being tried, implemented and are targeting elsewhere in the world, not Africa. And for the continent, such services would be an instant success by their implied functionality in our view. And this is where AfricanCrowd stands to make a difference.

AfricanCrowd is a funding platform founded by Somali born Abdi Omar Ismail that targets Africa. Funding on the platform when fully launched is expected to be for projects, organization causes and or ideas. 

Reporting on recent developments on AfricaCrowd, CEO Abdi Ismail shared the following on a new partnership they have secured with online payment service provider, PayPal;
In this technologically driven age of e-commerce, the buying and supplying of goods and services continues to set the pace for the business world. Charities, foundations, and nonprofits alike have now made the philanthropic effort of giving even easier. AfricanCrowd is an online fundraising platform developed by Abdi Ismail to allow Africans and African-Americans worldwide to raise funds for entrepreneurial endeavors.

AfricanCrowd is proud to announce its partnership with Paypal, the world’s most popular online payment service in use today. Paypal is the fast and safe way to send money and make an online payment or donation. This partnership was established to set up crowd funding campaigns that will help both Africans and African-Americans alike turn their dreams into reality. Now, Africans and African-Americans who are looking for a way to fund their film, product, or next business idea, can conveniently and securely receive funding via Paypal.

AfricanCrowd seeks to help African and African-Americans raise funds for creative projects in an effort to encourage and support new enterprises. Bestowment of monetary gifts is more than the admirable act of giving money to a worthy cause. When you contribute to a project on AfricanCrowd you are making an investment in a person and their vision. Paypal itself is the result of a vision of entrepreneurs seeking to solve a problem and now their help is allowing numerous others reach their goals. With just a simple email address entry you can begin today to help fund a dream and invest in a dreamer.
Visit the AfricanCrowd Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter via @AfricanCrowd for more information. This is an interesting project and we commend the team behind it for making Africa their focus. Connect African Development Blog will be an eager spectator.

Editorial Team.
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