Tuesday, February 26, 2013

INFOCUS: Apply for the 2013 FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards - Urban Ideas in Action

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Our InFocus Series continues and in this post, we are shinning a light on innovation and technology as drivers of employment and sources of solution to some of the critical problems today. People across Africa have shown immense creativity and have shown admirable innovations on many fronts, but what has lacked continues to be access to technology and capital for those ideas to take off. Enter the FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards.

"The 2013 FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action" programme aims to discover and promote the most ingenious ideas, inventions and innovations that help ensure cities remain centres of creativity and progress. The awards will recognise urban ingenuity in a wide ranges of areas - from city administration, transport systems, energy and utilities, education and resource management, to housing, health, public safety, social services, mobile technologies and community engagement.

One of the winners of the 2012 Ingenuity awards, who was also the global winner, was from Africa - in Kenya. Jim Archer, an architect from Nairobi, Kenya invented the Community Cooker, which burns waste/ rubbish to generate heat energy for preparing meals. It burns approximately 12 kg of rubbish per hour and about 288 kg per day when used on a 24 hour basis. The Cooker is versatile, and it boils water, cooks vegetables, stews beef, bakes cakes, fries food, and can be used to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. The two ovens cook cakes and bread very quickly and each is large enough to grill a whole goat.

For more information on on the awards, please watch the video below. To forward your application, go to http://apply.ftcitiawards.com.

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